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Friday, September 08, 2006

Checking back in

Rotten cat
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So I sort of fell of the planet re: blogging. I held off posting, because I was hoping to report big news on the job front. However, the big news as of yet is still pending, so instead I can report big news on the new cat and new apartment front. I'll post some pics of the apartment later. For now, you can enjoy this pic of Delia enjoying her favorite spot in the world, which is the office chair. She has a way of making it clear that it is now her office chair, to the point of crawling up behind us and trying to push us out when we've overstayed our welcome.

Otherwise, not much to report. Sara talked me into working out the other night for the first time in months (if not years). I think I broke myself. Evidently, sitting around the apartment for eight months playing video games, watching TV, and occasionally writing a bit isn't the fast track to fitness that I thought it would be. I used that one weight machine where you grab hold of a bar/weighted pully system overhead, sit down, and pull the bar down to your chest. After thirty of those, I was done. Two days later, and I currently can't really move my arms very well.


  • Man it would be awesome if the road to fitness was paved with video games and lounging in underwear. Especially if it was women's underwear.

    I have said too much.

    By Anonymous Mike Halekakis, at 8:10 AM  

  • Sport ist gut. Faire du sport. Just do it.

    Video games: evil. Boring evil. Enjoy more sport....

    Oh, and I'll have to ask you if you went to Burning Man this year?

    Time for me to go to bed now: have to wake up v early...for sport...

    By Blogger cij, at 12:48 PM  

  • Women's underwear. Yo!

    Umm, let's see. I'm trying to ramp up in the excercise/endurance department myself. It's part of the Don't Shame Yourself or Your Camp Weightloss Campaign for Bman 2007. Anyhoo, the lower impact stuff has been working for me. Walking, elliptical, and stairmaster are good. There's always our old friend the bicycle, too. I never touch the Nautilus type machines till I'm totally warmed up...and minimal sets at that.

    By Blogger Mikelle, at 2:17 PM  

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